About The House of the Twin Tailed Lion

We are an authentic 13th century reenactment group based in Evesham, Worcestershire, primarily covering the events of the second Barons’ War, the conflict between Henry III and some of the greatest English magnates in the mid 1260s. We portray Simon de Montfort’s household and retinue, with combat, living history, camp life and medieval crafts, including woodworking, blacksmithing, and clothes-making.

The annual Battle of Evesham is our main event – you will always see us at the foremost tip of the ‘boar snout’ formation during the battle. We are also tasked with protecting Simon de Montfort during his last stand at the end.

We train twice a week, weather-permitting, unless we are at an event. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch!

Hire us

We are also available to hire for your event. We have previously appeared in music videos, BBC news segments, food festivals, school events, the NEC… we are open to anything, anywhere within the UK! We are guaranteed to draw in a crowd. All of our members are individually insured under the same company.