Hire us!

With a variety of 13th century skills, weapons, and specialties, and a full authentic camp with medieval cooking and games, the Twin Tailed Lions can add unrivaled flair to your event. We can provide educational talks and demonstrations suitable for schoolchildren up to scholars, or be models for photographers, or just simply create a scene. View our gallery for ideas of what we have done in the past, and our ‘events’ page for what we will be doing this year.

Battle-wise, we are trained and proficient in:

  • Receiving archery fire
  • Interacting with cavalry, including receiving full charges
  • Shield walls and boar snouts
  • Fighting against warriors from all other eras (as seen in above image)
  • Medieval army formations and movements

Our fighting is always completely unscripted, unless we are reenacting a specific historical battle. Anything could happen!

All our members are also fully insured, and we have several trained first-aiders within the group at all times.

Our camp includes:

  • An authentic blacksmith’s forge (comes with blacksmith) (available upon request)
  • Authentic woodworking
  • Authentic garment making and embroidery
  • A small stall selling handmade leather, metal, and wood items (available upon request)
  • A full cooking setup, with firebox, spit, tripod, all sorts of pots, pans, clay kettles etc etc
  • Authentic food and eating arrangements
  • A full array of canvas tents and awnings, such as cone tents, pup tents, soldiers’ tents, and wedge tents
  • Medieval games and music
  • Small apothecary/herb setup (available upon request)
  • Archery and sharp weapons displays (available upon request)