Leadership and Officers

Meet the Leaders and Officers of the Twin Tailed Lion …the nerdiest of them all!

Charlie ‘Hubble’ Liddle


Named for his ridiculously thick glasses, Charlie is the mastermind behind the whole group. He can often be found in his forge, making new shields or repairing weapons.

Mike ‘Father Boar’ Powell


As the group’s bishop, Hubble’s right-hand man, and the health & safety officer, Father Boar always has his hands full. He is also our adopted extrovert.

Tamsin ‘Salad’ Goldie


Also known as the local horse nerd. Salad can usually be heard complaining about the temperature, no matter the season. When she isn’t doing that, she’s making things for the group, including this website. Also currently known as the ‘mother’ of the group.