Friends of the Lions

Over the years, we have made friends and collaborated with some amazing, professional, and friendly groups, who nonetheless are just as mad as we are.

Rebellion Re-enactment (

Our very good friends, Rebellion is a cavalry group covering all periods across the country (but mainly medieval). Always fun to work with, and one of the best in the world (in our opinion).

The Simon de Montfort Society (

Our friends in the Society provide so much for us, including donating our main battle standard and Prince Edward’s sword to us. In return, we provide talks and demonstrations for children and adults alike. Our second-in-command, Mike, is vice-chairman of the Society.

The Battle of Evesham (

Our main partners in just about everything! Our lord and saviour, and organiser of the Battle of Evesham, Mick Hurst, was the one who asked us to permanently become Simon de Montfort’s retinue in the battle. Along with the Society, we are their ‘third arm’… as it were. Our leader, Charlie, is an integral part of the panel and its meetings.

Friends of the Lovells Reenactment Companye (Facebook page)

One of the most unhinged and yet fun and safe groups we’ve ever come across, the Lovells portray the 15th century Lovell household, covering the Wars of the Roses, Tewkesbury, etc. Always a pleasure to beat them to a pulp 🙂

The Albini Household (Facebook page)

The Albinis cover the years 1180-1220, though they can also go to the end of the 13th century. We are often sharing a camp with them and their canine mascot, Fergus, and they are a joy to be around. Love you guys!

The Almonry Evesham (

This 14th/early 15th Century building was once home to the Almoner, one of the monks from the Benedictine Abbey that was founded at Evesham in the 8th Century. Has incredible exhibits and features from the battle.

Circa 1265 (Facebook page)

Ian at Circa 1265 is incredibly knowledgable and a great person all round. His group is also very talented, and we are always happy to work with them.

Business Friends

Steel Dragon Forge (

Our very own blacksmith! Charlie is very talented and has made most of our metalwork, such as the spit, tripod, and firebox that we use to cook over.

Nidhoggr Mead (

A very cool company selling the best meads in the country. Based in Yorkshire, using only local ingredients. They will probably be selling at every single event this year.

Gwatkin Cider (

Based in Herefordshire, Gwatkins is a working farm and orchard set in the Golden Valley. We were recently asked to be a part of their annual Cider Festival, and were incredibly impressed by the sheer range of premium alcohols and farm-to-fork foods available.

Pike and Shot Events (

Pike and Shot run such events as Chalke Valley Festival and Avoncroft Living History. They are also heavily involved in the Battle of Evesham. Dave always hosts amazing, fun events that every reenactor wants to be a part of, and they have proven to be very popular.

Abbey Gate Media (

Mick made our awesome poster, and we couldn’t be more happy with it.